How Do I Enable Gaming Mode On My AVG Antivirus?

You are on the POGO gaming website, and once there you downloaded your favorite racing simulator. You power it up and continue playing. You are having fun with the game and are being enthralled by the graphics on the full screen and after two minutes of so….BAM! You are out of your multiplayer session. Instead, what you see on your screen is a warning that reads like “do you want to enable this application to establish an internet connection?”- You press on the “allow” button and move on. But time after time you see this same message that causes frustration combined with sadness.

Luckily enough, AVG antivirus has come with a feature appropriately known as Gaming Mode.

AVG Support Ireland Is Here To Discuss On How You Can Enable This Feature In Your Software

Creating a firewall exception is a two sided coin. On one side it provides security, while on the other it can annoy you. This annoyance is escalated further when you gaming engagement is disrupted. To that end, AVG antivirus application brought forward the Gaming mode feature that relaxes the Firewall scanning while you are racing around in a virtual mustang. What ‘s more fortunate about this feature is that it is works for the default Microsoft windows firewall as well as the one that comes with a paid version of the mentioned antivirus software. Now that we are done explaining its significance, let us now move on to

Enabling This Utility In Your Program

  • Go To AVG Advanced Settings: First, double click on the AVG icon present in the notification area of the bottom left side of the task bar. This would give you access to the software’s main interface. Once there, navigate to and select Tools. In the resultant dropdown menu, you would have to click on the Advanced Settings tab. Most of the software’s most delicate settings like scheduling and other utilities are present here.
  • Select The Appearance Option: Once you are in the advanced settings, you must now select the “Appearance option”. It is on the left hand pane of the settings window. This option gives you access to a checklist
  • Enable Game Mode: Among this checklist, there is an item called “Enable Game Mode When a Full-Screen Application is Executed”; tick this checkbox. This would enable the gaming mode for any of the full screen applications including games. Finally, click on “Save Changes” and you would now return to your main window.
  • Apply Game Mode To The Firewall: Once you are at the main screen, select and double-click on the “Firewall” button in the given list of components. After this, checkmark the “Enable Gaming Mode” option beside the selected component. To confirm, click on the “Save Changes” button.

This mode is like a god send. In addition to relaxing the permissions while accessing games online, it also reduces the chances for false positives. Furthermore, this experience can be further enhanced if you have access to an optimal AVG Support Ireland Team. AVG is indeed one of the most popular antivirus software in Ireland, therefore combining optimal l;evel of expertise to this mode can only enhance your gaming experience.

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